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Class Descriptions


8:30-9:30 AM Sattva Sunrise with Haven

Begin the week with some peace of mind! A simple and steady flowing practice to awaken your breath and body.The perfect way to start your day!

All Levels Flow. 

12:00-1:00pm  Sattva Soar with Amy

Fly into the week balanced and bright in this hour long dynamic flow class. Attention to the breath, creative sequencing, and the perfect amount of effort and ease will make the seemingly "impossible" in your practice a reality! Level 2.

6:00-7:15pm Sattva Sukha (Yin Flow) with Kolton

Ease into the week balanced and blissful. The first half of the practice will be dedicated to gently heating the body and awakening the breath. We will finish with a series of Yin postures to gently stretch our connective tissues and rehabilitate the joints. Let Your Chi FLOW. Level 2.


10:00-11:00am Sattva Simple with Carey

This hour long natural and gentle yoga practice will help you easily reconnect to your body and your breath. Recommended for the newer Yogi or anyone recovering from an injury or illness ( or just need some simple self-care.) Level 1.

12:00-1:00pm Sattva Samadhi with John

Samadhi is meditative bliss and is the 8th and final limb of the yogic tree. Practice with intention and a mindfulness in this hour long flow class. By the end of the hour, we will still our bodies and thoughts with a short guided meditation to move us towards peace. This class is open to ALL Levels.

6-7:15pm Sattva Swaha with Megan A.

SWAHA is an eastern mantra meaning "So Be It!" Start your evening out right  in  this intention setting and intelligent all levels flowing vinyasa class. Detailed attention on proper alignment and breath cues will help you stay with your practice as it arises. Level 2.


8:30-9:30am Sattva Sunrise with Meghan H.

Salute the Sun! Start your day in the right state of mind with a flowing practice to awaken your breath and your spirit. This class will focus on Pranayama, Surya Namaskars, and yoga postures to awaken your highest Self! All Levels Flow.  

12:00-1:00pm Sattva Spirit with Elaina

Spirit = BREATH! It is the essence of P R E S E N C E. This mid - week yoga practice incorporates a wide-variety of healing movements and modalities, focused towards leaving you in touch with what IS. You'll leave firmly grounded, yet energized for the rest of your day and week. This class is open to All Levels.

4:00-5:00pm Sattva Seed (Prenatal Yoga) with Meghan

Prenatal postures, meditations and inspiration for new and experienced yoga practitioners alike, at any stage of pregnancy! Students will be led through poses that are beneficial to practice while pregnant and help to prepare you for labor. Alignment-based cues will help you become more familiar with, and comfortable in, your body. The focus is on how poses are meant to feel, rather than how they should look. The class will include visualizations, mantras and other techniques to make meditation more accessible. Each class will also include time for sharing and building community. Sattva’s Prenatal Yoga class is designed to be accessible to women at any stage of pregnancy, regardless of prior yoga experience. We respectfully request that ONLY pregnant women attend.

6:00-7:30pm Sattva Sadhana with Kelly

Sadhana means wholesome everyday practices that awakens the power of awareness. This open level flowing vinyasa class asks you to find your breath and find your freedom! Plus, we'll throw in a few arm balances, twists, and most importantly meditation!  Level 2.


10:00-11:00am Sattva Simple with Rachel

This hour long natural and gentle yoga practice will help you easily reconnect to your body and your breath. Recommended for the newer Yogi or anyone recovering from an injury or illness ( or just need some simple self-care.) Level 1.

12:00-1:00pm Sattva Samadhi with Kelly

This all levels flowing vinyasa class asks you to find your breath and find your freedom! Every class is designed to keep you in balance with the season of the year and harmonize your body and your breath with nature and her rhythms. Intermediate practice with beginner options. All Levels.

6:00-7:15pm Sattva Soul with Cameron

Yoga x Music! Get into a sweaty and spacious vibe in our weekly music-driven flow class. Geared towards the practitioner that wants to tune in and jam out to some of the best soul, hip hop, jazz, R&B, electronic, and instrumental funk the world has to offer! Level 2 Flow


8:30-9:30 Sattva Shiva with Cameron

Wake up your third eye wisdom with this all levels morning vinyasa flow! Emphasis on joint warm-ups, Sun Salutations, and an awakening flow to start your day off right! All Levels. 

12:00-1:00pm Sattva Shakti with Kelly/Carey

Shakti means empowerment. Tap into your inner guide in this power(ish) hour practice! Longer standing sequences to build steadiness and a few challenges sprinkled throughout. Let us help you find your edge on the mat, and learn something about yourself along the way. Level 2.


11:00-12:15pm Sattva Satsang with Kelly

The Sanskrit "sat" means true, while "sangha" means company, so "satsang" refers to being with all that  is Good and True! Begin your weekend in communion with fellow yogis in this flowing vinyasa class. Find your breath and find your peace through a mix of mantra, mudras,  asana, and meditation! Level 2.


9:30-10:30am Sattva Starter with Haven/Megan A.

Never done Yoga? No problem. Can't touch your toes? Don't have to! Want to breath deeper? We'll help you! This class is designed to introduce you to the depths of Yoga, one drop at a time. Recommended for newer Yogi's or seasoned practitioner's who need to Reset. Level 1. 

11:00-12:15 am Sattva Santosha with Elaina

Yoga brings us back to the very center of our Self. Cultivate contentment with your beautiful life, as it IS. This flowing vinyasa practice will ask you to reconnect to the peace that is only available within. Strong emphasis on breath, coupled with creative sequencing and intention setting will leave you feeling the L O V E. Level 2.

4:30-5:30pm Sattva Shanti with Megan A.

Rest and Reset. This class focuses on relieving stress and encouraging deep relaxation. By supporting the body completely using props (blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps) students are able to rest comfortably in poses for several minutes. The sequences are designed to move the spine, stimulate and soothe the organs and reverse the effects of gravity on the body. It is a wonderful complement to a Vinyasa Flow practice. All are welcome, including pregnant mamas. All Levels. 

6:00-7:15 Sattva Serenity ($5 Donation) with Paul

Serenity: the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. This Sunday evening class intends the move the mind towards a state of balance (Sattva). A flowing vinyasa practice with emphasis on breath, exploration, and meditation. Open to all levels with intermediate options. Encouraging Tampa's recovery community.  All Levels. Donation Yoga ($5 suggested donation).